PROFESSIONAL WS100 Welding Machine Manufacturer
PROFESSIONAL WS100 Welding Machine Manufacturer
  • PROFESSIONAL WS100 Welding Machine Manufacturer
  1. IGBT Module inverter technology
  2. 1000A/44V, 100% duty cycle; max short circuit current is 1500A.
  3. Power devices (INFINEON) ensures high reliability.
  4. Unique control circuit guarantees balanced two sides output current.
  5. Complete protection including over-current, over-heat, phase loss, over/under voltage protections.
  6. Professional 3-proofing designs ensure well operation in extremely harsh environment.
  7. Wide application in Pre Engineer structures, boilers, wind power industry, pipe line and pressure vessels, projects & infrastructures etc.
  8. International Standard IEC 60974-1
  9. Welding Tractor complete with wire feeder motor, control panel, Flux Hopper & track.



  1. SAW/ MMA/ Carbon ARC gouging
  2. CC SAW / CV SAW
  3. Adjustable Arc force & Hot start
Products Type SAW 1000
Model WS100
Input supply 415V±10%, 3ph, 50Hz
Rated input current (A) 73.2
Rated input power capacity (KVA) 52
Power factor (cos ) 0.85
No-load voltage (V) 79
Rated output (A/V) 1000/44
Welding current (A) 100-1000
Arc start range (A) 0-500
Arc force range (A) 0-580
Rated duty cycle (%) @40°c 100
Efficiency (%) 91
Protection class IP-23
Insulation class H
Dimensions (mm) 890 × 400 × 811
Weight (Kg) 115

Standard Accessories

  1. Control box: MK-1 ,1pc
  2. Welding tractor: AT-1, 1pc
  3. Control cable: 10*0.75mm -15m, 1pc
  4. Welding cable: 70mm2 -15m 2pcs
  5. Earth cable: 70mm2 -5m 2pcs
  6. Wheel-track: 300mm × 1000mm 2pcs