Service Support


'Ralli Wolf' Sales and service designed to set you free from the hassles of unpredictable machine. So that you focus on your Welding Maintenance Fabrication work with complete "FREE OPERATION"

You, as our esteemed customer can be rest assured that even after the expiry of warranty period of your machine, you will continue to enjoy the same care and benefits through after sales and service which will safeguard you against:

Uncertainty & Inconvenience-Sudden failure of Machine creates lots of trouble, about what it can cost and raises a doubt if the job can be done well and an unsettled feeling till it is all over.

Local Untrained repair work-Can dramatically reduce life of machine

Mechanics: - Because of usage of spurious spare parts and non-expertise at handling our Welding Machines.


It includes free mandatory check-up visits to keep your welding Machine in excellent working condition and also enhance the life of the machine with trouble free performance during the warranty period.

Genuine Spare Parts:

We only use OE (Original Equipment) company parts because you have every right to expect the best.


Ralliwolf is a more than 60 years old brand having more than a million satisfied and loyal customers across India. We listen, we care and we are always there for you. You will be most delighted to rely on us.


We leverage our coverage area service set up to bring smiles to customer. You only send e-mail or Fax intimation citing Machine no. date of purchase when you lodge your complaint.


We have dedicated team professionally trained Service Engineers across India who are just an e-mail or Fax away from you.

To Reach us Call on +91 96743 50111 or Send an email to service.welding@ralliwolf.com