Brush Cutter 2 Stroke

Brush Cutter BC-430S
Brush Cutter BC-430S Brush Cutter BC-430S
  1. Ideal for cutting fresh or dry grass on ground, lawn, Fields and also for cutting small bushes, bamboos, Sugarcane etc. with accessories
  2. Light weight & very powerful brush cutter
  3. Straight solid shaft & heavy duty gear case
  4. Anti vibration design that reduces operator's fatigue
  5. Durable, efficient & labour saving cutting equipment
  6. Air cooled, 2 stroke 43 cc Engine


Model BC-430S
Aluminium Pipe Dia 28 mm
Pipe Length 1500 mm
Blade Length 255 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity 1.0 Litres
Max Output 1.25 kw/ 7000/min