Magnetic Core Drill
NW 50S 50mm × 50mm

Magnetic Core Drill Manufacturer
Magnetic Core Drill Commando 50S
Magnetic Core Drill Manufacturer
  • *235V / 115V
  1. Production oriented & accurate core drilling in metal
  2. Rugged construction
  3. Al- die cast body


Model NW 50S
Capacity 50 mm dia × 50 mm Depth
Watts Input (full Load) 1600 Watts
No Load Speed 450 r.p.m.
Spindle Bore 19.05 mm (3 / 4")
Approx Net Weight 36 kg.


  1. Standard Accessories - Operating handle, 19.05mm core cutting adaptor, Drift key, safety chain, ,coolant bottle with pipe, 01 nos allen key, 01 nos double ended C spanner, operating switch knob.
  2. Optional accessory - Side flange with tubular handle, 04 nos of screws.