Magnetic Core Drill
YUVA38 - 38mm

Magnetic Core Drill Manufacturer
Magnetic Core Drill MEGA - 45
Magnetic Core Drill Manufacturer
  • 220V
  • Angle Grinder Supplier

Standard Accessories

  1. Cooling Liquid Bottle
  2. Metal Chips Pick Up
  3. Hex Wrench
  4. Work Locating Fix Pin
  5. Twist Drill Key Chunk
  6. Safety Rope
  7. Chunk Adaptor


  1. 100% Copper powerful motor
  2. Two-way allow guide rail, wear resistant and durable
  3. Core drill and twist drill, Two function
  4. Overloading motor protection, 8A
  5. Super powerful magnetic force
  6. Easy carry side handel
  7. Soft grip drill press handel
  8. Accompany with cooling liquid bottle
  9. Packing in strong BMC


Model YUVA38
Rated Power 1300W
No loading speed 700r/min
Magnetic Power 12000N
Full Load Current 8Amps.
Max hola dia 38mm
Max Drill Deepth 50mm
Max twist drill 13mm
Insulation Grouding ( to earth )
Approx. waight 13kg.