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MIG 250

Mig 250 Welding Machine

Mig 250 Welding Machine
  • Mig 250 Welding Machine

Ralliwolf offers Semi-Automatic IGBT Inverter based dual purpose MIG welder for both MIG and MMA Welding application. The machines are available in the range of 200/250/400/500 Amps. Light weight, Power saving, High efficiency, Inverter based power source for high quality MIG / MAG semi automatic manual and semiautomatic mechanized welding applications. Light weight, Compact design of power source, wire feeder and Torch. Suitable for solid and flux cored wires.

  1. Inbuilt wire feeder facility in 200 and 250 amps range makes the machine highly portable.
  2. The machine is available in the 250amps range.
  3. Crater voltage and Crater current adjustment.
  4. Electrolytic copper winding of the main transformer & chock coil ensures longer life and trouble-free performance.
  5. Highly Energy saving with about 85-90% efficiency and power factor >0.9 with negligible NO LOAD loss.
  6. Low inertia, high torque, Permanent Magnet DC.
  7. Ergonomically balanced light weight Euro type Torch reduces operator’s fatigue.

Area of Application

Furniture, Bus Body Building, Automobile Workshops, Pipe Fabrications, Eclectic Panels, Handicrafts, Agricultural Applications, Sheet Metal Applications


Products Type IGBT MIG 250
Model RM 25
Input Voltage (V) AC 415 ± 15%
Frequency (HZ) 50 / 60
Rated Input Current (A) 11.1
Power (KVA) 8.4
Output Current Range (A) 50 - 250
Rated Output Voltage (V) 16.5 - 26.5
Duty Cycle (%) 60
Power Factor 0.93
Efficiency (%)/td> 85
Wire-feeding Speed (m/min) 2.5 - 18
Wire Diameter 0.8 / 1.0
Output Cable (mm) 25+
MMA Facility Available
Inverter Technology IGBT
Type Wire Feeder Separated
Net Weight (Kg) 18

Standard Accessories

Mig 250 Welding Machine