FCT 400

Manual Metal Arc Welding (MMAW) AC Power Source / Transformer type Welding Machine offered by RALLIWOLF.

  • The optimally designed taper moving core system ensures superior dynamic characteristics with smooth and soft arc and minimum spatter.
  • Because of the uniform current scale the desired current can be set precisely and easily.
  • The machine conforms to BIS : 1851
  • Unique Transformer design reduces Eddy Current and hysteresis loss.
  • The machine is fitted with ON/OFF rotary switch that is seldom found in other make.


Area of Application

Infrastructure / Steel Plants / Railways / Oil & Gas / Power & Energy / Shipbuilding / Heavy Construction



  • Long trouble-free services life.
  • Longer coil life.
  • Smooth and soft arc ensures minimum spatter.
  • Lower electrode consumption.
  • Precise current setting.
  • Quicker current adjustment and reduced operator fatigue
  • Better manoeuverability.
Supply Voltage

415V, 50Hz, 2 Lines of 3 phase Supply

Rated KVA at 60% duty cycle

23 KVA

Input Current at rated output and 415 V supply

55 A

Open Circuit Voltage

78 V(MAX.)

Welding Current Range

75-400 A

Max. Cont. Hand Weld. Current at 60% duty cycle (Rated Output)

300 A

Max. Cont. Auto Weld. Current at 100% duty cycle

230 A

Welding Current Control


Type of cooling

Forced Air

Insulation Class


Weight (Approx.)


Dimension (Approx.) L X W X H mm


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