RD 600

  • The Machine is Rugged, User Friendly and Easy to Maintain. Type of Control – Transductor
  • The Machine is Compact with Sturdy Sheet metal construction and mounted on four wheels for easy maneuverability.
  • Excellent Arc Striking and Arc Stability throughout the welding current range.
  • Efficient Transductor control for changing welding current.
  • Three-phase full wave bridge circuit for current rectification, Silicon Diodes for high efficiency and longer life.
  • High Open Circuit Voltage enables use of wider range of electrodes
  • Class H insulation ensures longer life of the coil. Easy Service and maintenance work.


  • Under / Over Voltage protection
  • Over heat protection

Optional Items

  • Digital Amp. Meter & Voltmeter.
  • Remote Control with 10 meters Interconnection Cable.
  • 100 Amps. Switch-Fuse Unit with 80 Amps. Fuse.
  • Capacitor for power factor correction – 12 KVAR

380/415 Volts


3 Ph.


50 Hz.

Input Current

70 Amps.

Welding Current Range

80 – 600 Amps.

Open Circuit Voltage

80 Volts.

Operating Arc Voltage

24 – 44 Volts

Max. Welding Current

600 Amps.

Max. continuous hand Welding current (at 60% duty cycle)

600 Amps.


Class H


Forced Air Cooled

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