RWCUT 2500


Machine Mechanical Description

  • Heavy Duty Gantry Type Structure.
  • High Tension high accuracy rail (24Kg/Meter) dual side driven rack and pinion drive for longitudinal direction.
  • Dual shaft Linear Motion Guide with rack and pinion drive for transverse direction movement of torch station.
  • Automatic wear compensation by high tension cup spring keeps the engagement of the pinion in the rack free of backslash.
  • Anti-Collision System with Proximity Protection
  • Electrical limit switch on both side of longitudinal track end with mechanical bumpers helps in emergency collision protection.
  • Electrical limit switch installed on both end side of transverse track and torch suspension together with mechanical bumper helps in emergency collision protection.


Technical Parameter

Rapid Positioning Speed

0-9999 mm/Min

Longitudinal Guiding Accuracy

+/- 0.3mm / 3 Meter

Repeatability Accuracy

+/- 0.5 mm

Cutting Material

Flame Cutting

Mild Steel

Plasma Cutting

Mild Steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum

Cutting Thickness

Flame Cutting

7mm -100mm or more

Plasma Cutting

Depends on Plasma Source

Power Requirements

Machine Power

AC 220 V (Single Phase) (+/-10%), 50 Hz, 2 KVA

Plasma Cutting

AC 415 V (+/- 10%) 50 Hz


RWCUT 2500

Track Width

2500 mm

Effective Cutting Width

1800 mm

Track Length

8000 mm

Effective Track Length

6500 mm


FLSK 2300B

Plasma Torch Lifter Station


Plasma Torch Height Controller

1620E (Fangling)

Plasma Torch Anti-Collision Device


Flame Torch Lifter Station


Flame Torch Height Controller


Flame Torch

up to 100mm cutting

Flame Torch Auto Ignition Device


Solenoid Valve


Gear Box Planetary

Planetary Type

X Axis Servo Motor 1 No

400W Panasonic

X Axis Servo Driver 1 No

400W Panasonic

Y Axis Servo Motor 2 No

400W Panasonic

Y Axis Servo Driver 2 No

4 00W Panasonic

Drag Chain

IGUS (Germany)

Nesting Software

Fastcam (Australia)

X Axis Linear Motion Guide

Dual Guide Ways

Y Axis Linear Motion

24 KG/ Meter Rail

Rack & Pinion

Helical 20×20 mm

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